- Sun Plaza - Spring Giz and Akmerkez Virtual Offices in Istanbul
* Plaza Cubes provides offices in 1 person,  2 person, 3 person and 4 person configurations as well as virtual offices. 
*  The offices are well equipped for all your needs.  Contemporary furniture, leased line, front desk services, photocopy and  kitchen area  are  all available for your convenience and service.

*   Business centers that are fully furnished, fully equipped, and fully staffed
*   Available by the hour, the day, the week, the month, or the year, wherever

When we noticed how many business people were forced to work from hotels or poorly located rental locations for lack of a more professional environment we concluded that there must be a better way to work on the road and at home. Our mission is to transform the way companies managed their real estate needs by having them outsource their office space requirements to a service provider. Plaza Cubes enables companies to maintain the needed flexibility by helping them minimize their second largest cost of doing business: the expenses associated with leasing, equipping and staffing their office space.

Plaza Cubes offers companies a concept called workplace outsourcing, which enable them to rapidly seize new market opportunities because the office infrastructure is already in place, which is particularly beneficial when businesses are setting up offices. Each business center location includes a client-driven mix of offices, meeting rooms and common areas. An advanced communications system, network access and IT and administrative support are also standard features. Additionally, clients can utilize Plaza Cubes' full menu of business services, including meeting rooms, video conferencing, business support services, and catering -- on a pay-per-use basis.

Plaza Cubes office space, meeting rooms, and conference rooms are located at premier addresses in city centers, central business districts or business parks with convenient access to major airports or public transportation. Clients sign a simple contract agreement and can move into their new space literally overnight.

Whether using a fully furnished Plaza Cubes office, a virtual office, or meeting room facility, businesses working with Plaza Cubes are able to establish an immediate presence at prestigious business center location.

According to Plaza Cubes, the logic of real estate should correspond to the new logic of business itself. So renting a Plaza Cubes office is as fast and as easy as renting a car. In fact, the one-page rental agreement is modeled after the contract that car-rental companies use.

We’ve made property a fast-moving commodity, just like a can of Coke. “There’s no capital expenditure, the office is completely furnished, and customers decide how long they’ll stay.” wherever and whenever a customer chooses.

Meeting Rooms :

* Our meeting rooms can accomodate 10 to 12 people.  We have video-conference call service in our meeting rooms.
 We provide an overhead projector, and unlimited tea and coffee service during the meeting hours.

 Meeting Room Packages:

 Meeting room and office room usage:  We can provide meeting room services at your preferred time lengths.  We can also provide office room usage at same terms.
 Meeting Room Usage: We can provide a pleasant and professional meeting room atmosphere at your preferred time lengths.  Tea, and coffee service and overhead projector is provided.

* Virtual Offices :

 * If you do not need a full time office but need a prestigious address.
*  If you are a newly set up subsidiary.
*  If the home office concept does not reflect your professionalism and invades your privacy.
*  If you need to expand your office needs as your business expands.
*  Business presence without a traditional office expenses.

*  Let us provide you with a professional image while you work from home, from another city or even another country.

..:: The prices is excluded VAT